I would like to live a life deeper than the ordinary. Searching not for answers, but for questions. My life has never been simply a day-to-day journey, but rather an exploration. Every day, bringing me closer to my goals, new goals formed, adventures, searching, thinking, acting, helping, trying new things, meeting new people, making people smile, doing my best at my job, complaining, moaning and groaning, feeling the intensity of a new day, energy surging through my veins, feeling the weariness of a long week, a tough day, a trying period, the joys of accomplishments, the sorrow of losses, the high of highs and the low of lows.

If you really sit and think about all the things that you can think, feel, experience, be, the fact that we can make choices- free will- and then have to deal with the consequences of those very choices. The sheer number of thoughts that run through out heads in a minute, the way our bodies run without any conscious thought from us. How can life be mundane? How can life be just living for the weekend? When really and truly, life is occurring in every millisecond. It’s up to you to look at it and see the intricacies in their infinite amounts and realize life is not a series of events. Life is a convergence of the moment before a moment, the thought of the moment, the moment itself and the after effects of the moment. There is no need nor reason to pinpoint the purpose to life, when we are beings that cannot grasp such excellence in its creation. Be present in every moment, because in every moment lies the potential to create the extraordinary.


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